Reasons to use WordPress in 2023

by Sharon

WordPress has been around for nearly two decades, and during that time, it has become the world’s most popular content management system. As of 2021, over 40% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, including some of the world’s biggest brands, such as The New Yorker, Sony Music, and BBC America.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why WordPress is still the best choice for building and managing websites in 2023.


Easy to Use

One of the main reasons why WordPress has become so popular is because it is easy to use. Even if you have no experience in website development or design, you can still create a professional-looking website using WordPress.

WordPress’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to add and edit content, images, and videos, and it also offers a range of pre-designed themes that you can use to customize your website’s look and feel.


Flexible and Customizable

WordPress is a highly customizable platform, which means you can create a website that is unique to your brand or business. With thousands of free and premium themes and plugins available, you can easily add new features and functionality to your website, such as contact forms, social media integration, and e-commerce capabilities.

WordPress also offers a range of customization options, including the ability to create custom post types, taxonomies, and fields, as well as the ability to customize your website’s CSS and HTML.



WordPress is built with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, which means it has many features that make it easy to optimize your website for search engines. WordPress’s clean code and site structure make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website, while plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack can help you optimize your website’s on-page SEO factors.

In addition, WordPress’s responsive design ensures that your website is mobile-friendly, which is important for ranking in search engines, as mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches in recent years.


Scalable and Extendable

WordPress is a highly scalable platform, which means you can use it to create websites of any size, from small blogs to large e-commerce sites. You can also use WordPress to create multi-site networks, which allows you to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard.

WordPress’s open-source nature also means that it is highly extendable. If you need a custom feature or functionality that is not available out-of-the-box, you can hire a developer to create a custom plugin or theme that meets your specific needs.


Secure and Reliable

WordPress is a secure and reliable platform, with regular security updates that help protect your website from potential security threats. Additionally, WordPress’s active community means that vulnerabilities are identified and fixed quickly, and many security plugins are available to add an extra layer of protection to your website.

WordPress is also a reliable platform, with 24/7 support available from the community and many hosting providers. This means you can rest assured that your website will be available and running smoothly at all times.



WordPress is an affordable platform, making it accessible to businesses and individuals of all sizes. While there are some costs associated with building and managing a WordPress website, such as hosting and domain registration, there are many free themes and plugins available that can help you create a professional-looking website without spending a lot of money.

In addition, WordPress’s open-source nature means that you can avoid expensive licensing fees that are often associated with proprietary platforms.



Accessibility is a critical consideration when building a website, as it ensures that your website is usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities. WordPress is built with accessibility in mind, with many features that make it easy to create accessible websites.

For example, WordPress offers many themes that are designed with accessibility in mind, and it also includes features like alt text for images, which makes it easier for visually impaired users to understand the content on your website.

In addition, there are many plugins available that can help you ensure your website is accessible, including plugins that add captions to videos or plugins that make it easier to navigate your website using a keyboard.


Community and Support

WordPress has a large and active community of users, developers, and contributors, which means there is a wealth of resources available to help you build and manage your WordPress website.

The WordPress community provides support and resources through online forums, user groups, and meetups, which can be invaluable for troubleshooting issues or finding solutions to problems.

In addition, WordPress’s extensive documentation and tutorials make it easy for beginners to get started with the platform, and there are many online courses and tutorials available that can help you develop your WordPress skills further.



In conclusion, WordPress continues to be the best choice for building and managing websites in 2023. Its ease of use, flexibility, customization options, SEO-friendliness, scalability, security, affordability, accessibility, and strong community make it an ideal platform for businesses and individuals of all sizes.

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or large corporation, WordPress can help you create a professional-looking website that meets your specific needs. So if you’re looking to build a new website or upgrade an existing one, consider using WordPress – you won’t regret it.



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